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IPDC has emerged as an institute of excellence providing modern management, technical education and professional courses of various durations. The Institute has always been proactive in adapting to the changing need of the corporate sector.

IT Courses @ IPD College

Short Term Courses (3 Months)

Microsoft .NET (pronounced "dot net") is a software component that runs on the Windows operaing system. .NET provides tools and libraries that enable developers to create Windows software much faster and easier. .NET benefits end-users by providing applications of higher capability, quality and sec.
  • Introduction to .net framework classes
  • Request Object
  • Web Configuration
  • Web Services
  • Server Control
  • Caching Object
  • ADO.NET Concept
10g/DBA/9i This course enables learners to gain a conceptual understanding of the Oracle database architecture and how its components work and interact with one another. You will learn how to create an operational database and properly manage the various structures in an effective and efficient manner including.
  • Introduction to Oracle
  • Table View creation
  • Indexing/Joining
  • Procedures, Triggers Creation
  • SQL Data Types
  • Querty/Sub Query
  • Functions
  • Cursors
  • Reports
 Tally is an accounting and inventory software widely used by Chartered accountants Government Departments and business alike . One point data entry and all your books and financial statements are prepared according to government norms. The course include
  • Fundamentals of Tally
  • Inventory Information
  • Voucher Entry
  • Display of Diff reports & Inventory Reports
  • Accounts Info
  • Maintaning Stock Details
Tally ERP 9 is developed by tally solution with the purpose of providing the user with a complete set of accounting management software including remote access , audit and compliance services including
  • TDS
  • CST
  • Manufacturing Journal
  • Service Tax
  • VAT
  • TCS
  • Payroll
  • Excise Duty
 The simplest and quickest way to get acquainted with basic IT and skill and usages of the internet through simple fun filled programs designed for students , working professionals ,parents and elders .This course includes
  • Fundamentals of Computers
  • Ms-Word
  • Ms-Excel
  • Ms-Powerpoint
  • Internet
Desktop publising combine the skill of graphics desing layout and production of a variety of publised products using a variety of software tools. This course will focus on using desktop publising software to effevtively communicate messages in printed form. The course contents include the following
  • Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • Page Maker
 This is a fast-paced introductory course to the C++ programming language . It is entended for those with little programming background , though prior programming experience will make it easier , and those with previous experience will still laern C++ -specific constructs and concepts these include
  • Introduction to C
  • Operator and Control Structure
  • Array
  • Functions
  • Painters
The main goal of the course is to unable the participant to create business application with Visual Basic that utilize multi-tier application design strategy for maintainability and ruesability the hands on exercises or focused on solving commonly and encountered business problems . The course introduces the visual basic Integrated Development Environments (IDE) and its wealth of developments tools . students will learn to built effective user interfaces with Visual Basic controls , forms , and other GUI components
  • Introduction to Object Oriented
  • Programming
  • Class & Objects
  • Constructor & Destructor
  • Inheritence
  • Polymerisation
  • Function Overloading